Updated Covid Policies

June 16, 2021

Updated COVID Policies

Dear Shareholders:

The City of Chicago has entered Phase 5 and we are very happy to report that we will be able to ease most of the restrictions we have had in place for over a year.  Because of your cooperation, we have been able to keep everyone in the building safe. We thank you for those efforts and your continued cooperation will be appreciated as we enter this next phase.

The building will verify vaccination status for any employees who want to remove their masks. For many reasons, it not feasible for the building to verify vaccine status of residents, guests, or other outside visitors.  Therefore, determination of vaccine status will be via the honor system. We are counting on you to follow the guidelines based on your and your family’s vaccine status. In addition, you should ensure that these policies are communicated and followed by any household staff, guests, contractors, etc.


  • No masks are required for residents, building employees or guests in common areas who are fully vaccinated (two weeks post 2nd vaccine)
  • Masks are required for anyone not fully vaccinated in all common areas of the building and social distancing should be maintained
  • Residents can request that building staff wear a mask when entering their unit for completion of work orders

Building Facilities

  • The manager’s office will be open during regular business hours
  • Residents and guests will continue to sign up for exercise areas and pool via https://3750lakeshoredrive.simplybook.it/v2/#; must agree to waiver before using the facilities
  • Capacity restrictions remain for now for the exercise facilities
  • Households may exercise together in one zone
  • Residents and family members that want to use the pool together will need to sign up for both time slots; please give preference to lap swimmers in the early morning hours
  • Playroom will be open via sign up at https://3750lakeshoredrive.simplybook.it/v2/# , one family at a time; families are expected to wipe down after use
  • Locker rooms and Hospitality room available
  • Guest suite closed for renovation
  • No capacity limits for elevators and laundry room
  • Masking rules apply as outlined above for all facilities

Deliveries and Open Houses

  • Open house can resume with all guests wearing masks
  • Deliveries may continue to be dropped off at the lobby table or delivery to your door can be requested
  • Masks are required for delivery personnel and contractors in common areas of the building

All the best,

3750 Board Of Directors