Project Update

it_photo_119959Annual Holiday Party

As the cold weather approaches and the end of another calendar year looms, the sights and sounds and smells of the holiday season begin to draw our attention. Please reserve the evening of Sunday, December 21st, for the annual 3750 Holiday Party. Details and reservation forms will be distributed in the near future. We look forward to seeing you there!


Garden Court Renovation

The primary focus of the Garden Court renovation is the design of the new roof and the skylight replacements. A chief concern is ensuring that the new structure is watertight. We are currently in the process of seeking permits from the city. Once the required permits have been granted, shareholders will have a chance to preview the design and offer their comments.


Hospitality Room Enhancements

The Hospitality Room refurbishment is complete. Carpeting, painting, and fixtures have been installed, including a large screen TV for presentations and social events. Questionnaires will be sent to shareholders in the near future seeking their input on potential usage of the space. Responses to the questionnaire will guide the committee in making further enhancements. For budgetary reasons, upgrades to the kitchen have been placed on the back burner.


Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday, October 28th. Among the larger-than-usual number of shareholders in attendance, it was especially gratifying to see so many of our new residents and neighbors. During the meeting, Miro received a tribute for his 40 years of service to the building, and departing board members, Brenda Sumberg and Jordan Grossman, were thanked for their hard work and dedication. A list of the newly elected board members and their offices is posted in the mail room.


Life Safety Inspection

As we all know, the city-mandated Life Safety Inspection took place on Thursday, October 30th. Once the board receives the full report from the city, the findings will be shared with all shareholders.


Garden Court Wi-Fi Internet Access

Wireless access to the Internet will be restored in the Garden Court within the next two weeks. Information will be disseminated to all shareholders once the installation is complete.


Apartment for Sale?

If your apartment is currently on the market and you would like to list it on the 3750 website, please contact Drago in the Receiving Room.