The Board has become aware of the fact that some shareholders are using the exercise facilities without making a reservation.  Reservations must be made to ensure that you are not taking the space of someone who has reserved and is late for their exercise time.  The website to use is: 3750 LSD Reservation Website  or https://3750lakeshoredrive.simplybook.it/v2/#.  All Zones must be reserved individually.  If you wish to move from any exercise machine to the pool both areas must be reserved.

Even more important to note is that some shareholders have not been masking properly.  Facemasks must cover your MOUTH AND NOSE while exercising and in any public area in the building.  No exceptions.  If you see someone who is improperly masked, please gently remind him or her to cover up.

EXERCISE RESERVATION AND MASKING RULES ARE A STATE REQUIREMENT.  If these requests continue to be ignored, we will be forced to consider shutting down the facilities.  At the very least people who abuse the rules will lose their exercise privileges.  No one wants any of this to happen so please, please take care of yourself and your neighbors by adhering to the rules.


3750 has passed the Life Safety Inspection.  We do have to make some small corrections, but we expect the court case to be dismissed.  Please note that no apartments were visited by the inspector because of COVID.  Apartments may be spot checked by the city at any time.  Also all fire doors, hardware and corridors in all apartments will be subject to periodic inspection by the building staff.


All storage items that were removed for the basement locker construction project have been returned. Basement electric work will continue, but it shouldn’t interfere with access.  If the light doesn’t go on in your assigned storage unit please let Drago know asap.  If after hours, notify the Lake Shore doorman.


Please be sure to thank Vlad, Ivan, Elisa  and Jerry Hocker when you see them.  They worked hard to make the Garden Court and lobbies look beautiful.

Call for Christmas ornaments:  If you have some ornaments that are in good shape that you’d like to get rid of please consider donating them to the building.  Not everything can be used, and if not used, we will dispose of them for you.  Notify Drago if you wish to donate ornaments.

GENTLE REMINDER:  Trash is to be put out in bags that are tied or otherwise sealed.  There will be a ton of trash during the holidays so let’s make the cleanup process easier for our hard working maintenance staff.

GETTING TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS – Bill Cartwright and Bill Ankenbrandt 11C

How long have you lived at 3750?

About 5 years.

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

Bill A:  Oakland, CA, Long Island, Southern Indiana, Illinois

Bill C:  Pawtucket, RI, RI and Illinois

What was your favorite vacation?

Bill A:  Catalonia

Bill C:  LaMamounia, Marrakesh

Where would you like to go that you have never been?

Bill A:  Ireland, Russia

Bill C:  Russia, Fiji

Which talent would you most like to have?

Bill A:  Speak as many languages as I can

Bill C:  Speak multiple languages

(No – we did not discuss this.  Both came up with the same answer)

What is your most treasured possession?

Bill A:  Wedding ring

Bill C:  Wedding ring

(Again – came up with the same answer independently)

What city would you most like to live in if you didn’t live in Chicago?

Bill A:  Paris

Bill C:  Paris

(Same independent answer again)

Who is the most famous person, either living or dead, you’d like to meet?

Bill A:  Ernest Hemingway

Bill C:  Winston Churchill

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

Bill A:  Lori Lightfoot

Bill C:  Joey Ramone

What was your favorite concert?

Bill A:  “Hair” – the musical

Bill C:  Violent Femmes at Tut’s

What was your favorite book?  Your favorite fictional character?

Bill A:  “Anna Karenina” – Constantin Dmitrich Levin

Bill C:  “The Columbian Exchange” – Homer Price

Who are your favorite authors?

Bill A:  Hemingway, Tolstoy, Genet, Mishima, Picketty, de Tocqueville, Cormac McCarthy

Bill C:  Barbara Tuchman

What is your favorite Chicago theater, if any?  (Goodman, Steppenwolf, Steep, etc.)

Bill A:  Steppenwolf

Bill C:  Prefer opera

What is your favorite restaurant in Chicago?  Anywhere?

Bill A:  Yoshi’s; La Table d’Hote d’Hugo Desnoyer a Paris (16th)

Bill C:  Anteprima, La Cabana in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires

What is your most memorable meal – anytime, any place?

Bill A:  Kathia’s Gallo Pinto in Costa Rica

Bill C:  Dinner at Louis XIII, Paris

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would that be?

Bill A:  Italian

Bill C:  Italian or Chinese

What is your guilty TV pleasure?

Bill A:  Narco dramas made in Colombia

Bill C:  The new “Lost in Space”

What have you binge watched, if anything:?

Bill A:  “Breaking Bad”, “The Wire”

Bill C:  NA

What is your classic film favorite?

Bill A:  Les Enfants du Paradis

Bill C:  Planet of the Apes

Do you have a contrarian position about something that almost everybody likes?  (movie, play, book, etc.)

Bill A:  Paolo Coelho – Yuck!

Bill C:  Some types of jazz

What character or attribute in others do you most admire?

Bill A:  Courage

Bill C:  Intelligence and Bravery

What profession other than your own would you most like to try?

Bill A:  Outlaw country singer

Bill C:  Diplomat

Thick or thin?  🙂

Bill A:  Thick

Bill C:  Thin

Have a safe, healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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