Governing Documents

Many life-long friendships have begun at 3750. We encourage residents to get involved with building projects, activities and serve on committees. Some neighbors seems to be everywhere and do everything. Others choose to stick to themselves. One of the great things about 3750 is that it accommodates the lifestyle of your choosing. People tend to get along well and respect the needs of others.

Various legal documents and rules govern the operation of our building such as our By-Laws, House Rules and Proprietary Lease. By clicking on any of the links below you can download these documents to check a fine point or for some sure-to-bring-on-sound-sleep bedtime reading:


Restated and Amended By-Laws of 3750 Lake Shore Drive, Inc. 10-16-18 (1)

House Rules Approved up to 9-15-20

Proprietary Lease 3750 Lake Shore Drive (1-18-2022)