• Required annual A/C inspection

    2023 Air Conditioner maintenance and inspection information As a reminder, all window and central air units must have an annual safety inspection as outlined in the safety inspection form. The form is available from the website or the receiving room, and the inspection needs to be completed by June 30, 2023. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure air conditioning units are installed correctly and have not dislodged during the winter months and pose no risk to the building façade or humans below. The safety inspection differs from your annual service, but can be performed at the same time. A licensed air conditioning service company must perform the inspection…

  • 3750 NEWS February, 2023

    3750 NEWS February,  2023 IMPORTANT UPDATES AND REMINDERS FROM THE BOARD Deliveries – The Board approved the following policies regarding deliveries.  Residents are encouraged to retrieve food deliveries and small packages personally at the front doors.  For residents requiring door delivery, staff will continue to maintain a sign-in and sign-out log of delivery entries.  For door deliveries staff will call residents to inform them a delivery is arriving at their unit.  If the resident does not respond to the call, the delivery will remain at the doorman station for later in-person pickup.  If a delivery person has not returned to the door within ten minutes after entering the building staff…


    THE MANY LIVES OF THE MARIGOLD GARDENS, STEPS FROM 3750 PART I of III: BISMARCK GARDEN (1896-1917) By Todd Cannon,  4B When writing a short history for the newsletter about our neighbor to the north, 3800 LSD (the construction of which in 1926 paralleled that of 3750), I became interested in the two area attractions which the  3800 developers mentioned in their 1926 newspaper advertisements. The first of these two drawing cards for prospective renters of the 3800 luxury apartments was the Chateau Theater at 3810 N. Broadway, on the corner of Grace and Halsted, a mere two blocks distant (and the subject of a future newsletter article). Built in…

  • Latest Building News

    BUILDING NEWS Notice for all shareholders receiving Homeowner, Senior, and Senior Freeze refunds in assessment statements:  Due to late tax documents issued from the city the Homeowner, Senior, and Senior Freeze refunds will be sent either in February or March 2023. (They ordinarily would appear either in the November or December 2022 assessments.).

  • 3750 News Oct. 2022

    Important Announcements !!3750 residents have a new polling place!! On Tuesday, 11/8/22 Election Day, our precinct polling place is The New York, 3660 N Lake Shore Drive. Further information is available at www.Chicagoelections.gov