Superhero kid

Superhero kid

The 3750 community rocks! Thanks to every shareholder for doing your part to work with us to make our hallways safe and free of items the city may consider hazardous.

This was truly a collective effort. As a result, we are pleased to report that not a single fine was imposed for items in our hallways at last night’s board meeting. Thank you.

There will continue to be regular inspections of the hallways to make sure we remain in compliance. We know some confusion continues over what is allowed and what is not. That’s because the city’s regulations can be vague and subjective. We are working on guidelines to try to clarify what’s required and will circulate them to everyone soon.

In the meantime, thank you! Your building staff and your board of directors sincerely appreciate your cooperation, constructive comments and most of all your efforts. You did a great job, 3750!

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