policySafety First

As you probably heard, recently a contractor replacing windows on the Garden Court side of the building knocked a piece of metal from the side of the building. Although relatively small, the piece went flying with enough force that it sailed through the Garden Court dome and into the swimming pool below where moments before a group of children had been enjoying a party. Luckily the pool was vacant at the time the accident occurred. However, the outcome could have been much worse. Naturally the building is seeking compensation from the contractor.

When future work is performed on windows overlooking the Garden Court or exterior air conditioning units, the Garden Court and pool area will be closed to traffic to ensure safety. Window replacements happen about four times a year currently and usually last for part of the day. We realize this will be an inconvenience to shareholders. Therefore building management will work hard to avoid conflicts when scheduling work that requires a closing and limit the duration of any closing to the extent possible. Of course there will be access in case of an emergency.

Recycling Made Easy

Most of us want to do everything we can to minimize our environmental impact. So to make recycling easier for everyone paper, including newspapers, glass, plastic and metal now can be comingled in blue recycling bags. You can leave these bags in the back hallway along with trash for pick-up Monday and Wednesday evenings. Supplies of blue bags are available from Drago in the Receiving Room for $5. We are working to make recycling as accessible and easy as possible at 3750. Please remember that while back hallways can be used for bagged trash and recyclables, the city will not allow any other items or any storage of items in your hallway.

Batteries, especially rechargeable batteries, contain toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium that should not be incinerated nor disposed of in landfills. Unfortunately batteries cannot be recycled using blue bags, however any Home Depot store, including the one closest to us at 2665 N Halsted, accepts batteries for recycling. There’s a recycling bin near the elevators at the Halsted store.

Speaking of Hallways

Our commitment to life safety and meeting the requirements of the city is ongoing. We could be re-inspected at any time. Therefore rugs, carpeting, obstructions of any type, shoes, moveable furniture, anything that is not attached must not be returned to the front hallways.  Building management will remove any offending objects and place them in storage for you.

Substitution of Door Closers

Door closers are required on all front and back doors. However, if you wish to change the type of door closer on your front door for any reason please contact the House Committee, which will keep track of the new closers so they can be inspected and approved by Miro after installation. We will also provide helpful information about closer options, and qualified installation contractors. The cost of the new closer and proper installation is the responsibility of the shareholder.

–Communications Committee 17 December 2014

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