1482052Dear Neighbors,

We are writing to remind you of some of the key features of the 3750 pet policy.

1. The Proprietary Lease allows shareholders to keep one cat or dog in their apartment, subject to rules and limitations, including size limitations. The shareholder must register the pet, pay a registration fee, and an additional assessment. The Board sets the amount of the fee and assessment. Currently, the registration fee is $75 and the monthly assessment is 1% of the regular assessment for dogs and .5% for cats.

2. Shareholders who do not own a pet are entitled to designate the pet of a relative or friend as a visiting pet. This requires the same registration process and fee and, in any month that the pet is present, the same assessment. The manager must be notified in writing (including email) prior to a pet’s visit, along with arrival and departure dates.

3. Registered pets, whether residing or visiting, must enter and exit the building through the basement and back elevators and remain in a carrier.

If you want to explore registering a pet, please obtain a packet from the manager, detailing the rules and procedures.

The Pet Committee

Written by