extraextraIt’s spring!

Time to admire the tulips, enjoy the lengthening days, and gladden the heart of your dry cleaner with armloads of winter woolies.

Speaking of tulips

…. And other flowers and shrubbery, watch for new landscaping in the Grace Street parkway.

What a relief

Fire doors now enclose the base of the A-B and C-D stairways in the basement. These doors are life-savers: they prevent a fire originating in the basement from roaring up the stairwells. But the doors can be difficult to manage, especially if you are pushing a cart or carrying a heavy load. Good news! These fire doors are now tied into the Voice Communication System and are on “Hold Open.” If the alarm goes off, the doors will close automatically. 

Garden Court

The entrance lobbies and hallways have been restored to their original sophisticated elegance. Now it’s time to similarly restore the garden court. Steel elements need to be scraped and painted. The current domes will be replaced with higher-quality materials. However, the project has many moving parts and is more complex that it may appear. The infrastructure committee is currently researching skylight options. Specifications will be drawn up. Bids will be solicited. We’ll keep you posted.

Wi-Fi in the Garden Court and Hospitality Room

This is now a reality!  Residents can obtain the network and password information from the Receiving Room once they have signed an Acceptable Use Policy.  Copies of the policy are available online at www.3750lsd.net and in the Receiving Room.

Life Safety

The Board is continuing to negotiate with the city regarding the most recent Life Safety report. Once we know what problems we have to fix, we can estimate costs and decide on a schedule.

Façade Work

We will begin the biennial façade work around mid-June. This year’s project targets the Lake Shore Drive façade. Some caulking may also be done on the north and/or east façades.


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