Allison_Thomas (006)We are pleased to announce that at the March 21st meeting, Tom Allison was elected as the new President.  Tom has replaced Paul Camp, and will serve as President until the next annual meeting which will be held October 25, 2016.  Tom began his term on the board in October 2015, and was formerly the Vice-President.  Tom resides in apartment 8A and can be reached by email at

Additionally, per the By-Laws, a nominating committee consisting of Ellen Baird, Jerry Hocker, and John McCarthy was appointed whose purpose is to recommend to the Board at the April 19th meeting, a shareholder to fill the current Board member vacancy.

Tom Allison, President, and his wife Sherry Holland have lived in 8A since May, 1999. Tom recently moved to “of counsel” status at the law firm of Allison, Slutsky & Kennedy, P.C., which he helped found. The firm represents labor organizations, pension funds, and individuals with employment issues.

Tom grew up in Park Ridge and Wilmette, and returned to Chicago after graduating from Princeton University and Yale law school. He has been very active in the community, including serving as a trustee of the Chicago Police Pension Fund and the Illinois State Employees Retirement System. He is a board member of Princeton AlumniCorps, a national alumni organization. This is his first term at 3750.



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