Next week Central will be working on drops E1 and E2.  The final inspection on drop N7 will also be next week.   Once N7 is inspected, the swing stage will be moved to drop S1 to begin inspections on the south side.

Drop location map can be downloaded here:  Drop Location Map.

As a reminder: Windows should be kept shut and locked on the north and east elevations prior to commencement of any work. Windows can be opened outside of work hours. However, it is recommended that windows and other voids are taped shut during work hours to help mitigate dust from entering the apartment. Dust from grinding is very fine and will easily find its way into the building. Because the winds can sometimes be quite strong, it is recommended that windows above, below, or adjacent to repair areas remain closed and taped during working hours as well. Façade contractors are not responsible for any dust infiltration into apartments. Delicate painter’s tape (the blue tape sold in the package with the orange label) works well.

Window A/C units and condensers should not be turned on while work is in progress. This will minimize the risk of pulling excessive amounts of gritty dust into the apartment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Management Office.

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