tuckpointingPlease be advised that canopy construction for the 2015 façade work is scheduled to begin Friday, June 19th. A canopy will be set up the entire length of the east side of the building and a rolling canopy will be erected on the north side. Repair work will begin Wednesday, June 24th and will include:

  • Tuck pointing and limestone repairs on the east façade
  • Removal and replacement of 100% of the window sealant on the north and east facades.

Impact on residents
During daytime hours of 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, work crews will conduct various repairs on the exterior east façade of the building. This work will involve cutting, chipping, grinding, and quite a bit of dust and noise. The north elevation work is expected to be noisy but not dusty since the scope of work is limited to window sealant replacement. The entire project is expected to take approximately 4 months to complete.

Preparation Instructions for residents in the façade repair area

Attached to this memo is an apartment plan with drop numbers. The drops that will be affected this year are drops E1-E7 and N1-N8.

Download: Apartment Plan/Drop Numbers

Crews will start working at drops E3, E6, and N1. We will keep you apprised of the work drop locations as the project progresses.

To enable the repair contractors to complete work properly, please note the following:

  • Windows should be kept shut and locked on the north and east elevations prior to commencement of any work. Windows can be opened outside of work hours. However, it is recommended that windows and other voids are taped shut during work hours to help mitigate dust from entering the apartment. Dust from grinding is very fine and will easily find its way into the building. Because the winds can sometimes be quite strong, it is recommended that windows above, below, or adjacent to repair areas remain closed and taped during working hours as well. Façade contractors are not responsible for any dust infiltration into apartments. Delicate painter’s tape (the blue tape sold in the package with the orange label) works well.
  • Window A/C units and condensers should not be turned on while work is in progress. This will minimize the risk of pulling excessive amounts of gritty dust into the apartment. Some window A/C units and condensers will need to be removed prior to the start of sealant work. The units will not need to be removed for the entire duration of the project, but rather when the contractors are on a particular drop in which AC units are installed. Removal and reinstallation details will be provided separately to those affected residents.
  • It is recommended that all pictures and objects from exterior walls be removed as vibrations caused by the contractors may knock pictures and/or items on shelving units down. Façade contractors are not responsible for damage to personal belongings during this work.
  • For your privacy, you may want to close any window treatments.
  • For safety reasons, any issues should be communicated to the Management Office and not directly to the workers on the scaffolding at any time for any reason.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Management Office.

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