‘Why must we put up with the scaffolding, infernal racket and expense of tuck pointing year after year after year…?’

It’s a great question. It seems as if every summer like clockwork the scaffolding goes up and the noise of hammer drills begins. It is not pleasant to look at or soothing to hear.

3750 is a bit like many of us. In its 20s and 30s the building was youthful, strong, invincible. Nothing could harm it.

Some of us can remember how we were at that age. We could drink with our friends, eat anything and everything and talk all night long with few ill effects and still be fine when we went to work the next day. We didn’t need a workout room to keep the weight off. We had youth and metabolism on our side.

Back then building management could ignore maintenance or simply kick the can down the road to the next generation of shareholders. Of course, there were some other considerations playing a role like the Great Depression and World War II.

Unfortunately, just as the excesses of our youth and neglect of taking care of our bodies has caught up with some of us, so it is with 3750. The cold winters that see many shareholders escape to the south, the winds off Lake Michigan that make balls sail out of Wrigley Field (or fall to the ground when the wind is coming in and the Cubs are at bat), the steamy hot summers and salt and vibrations from Lake Shore Drive batter our building. Over the years this battering has taken a toll, as the photos above show. See more examples on our website: http://www.3750lsd.net/

Your board of directors wants 3750 not only to celebrate the 100th birthday of 3750 with the building in good shape, but also wants the building to be standing for its 200th birthday and beyond as testament to the commitment of today’s shareholders to be good stewards of our unique, terrific home.

For 10 years now there has been a regular maintenance plan in place designed to affordably turn back the time and make 3750 as strong and invincible to the assaults the of Mother Nature as possible. We now address the problems of one façade every other year unless something urgent requires immediate attention.

As longstanding problems are corrected our hope is that in the future fewer repairs will be required and therefore the inconvenience and expense will decrease. 3750 has taken a lot of abuse over the years and stood the test of time. We still have a ways to go to bring the building back to its strong, strapping vigor of its youth.

Your board thanks all shareholders for their patience with this process.

— Your Board of Directors


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