imagesDear Neighbor,

You should be proud!

Earlier this week at our annual meeting nearly 80 percent of shares in 3750 were voted to fill three open board positions. If only we could get such an impressive turnout for local, state and federal elections! Thank you for your active participation in the election and your engagement in the 3750 community.

As you know, your new board elected me to be your president. I am humbled, honored and, honestly, slightly shell-shocked, but I hope to be worthy of the trust placed in me to represent your interests and those of the entire 3750 community.

My wife Mary Connors and I have lived in 8D for more than 26 years. We have gotten to know and become friends with many of our neighbors. I stand in awe of your accomplishments: the books published, buildings built, products manufactured, breakthroughs made, marathons run, children nurtured, laws put on the books and so much more. 3750 residents are an incredibly impressive group of people.

If I bring a talent to the party it is the basic skill of the reporter I once was. That is, to listen carefully to all sides of the story before forming an opinion. Therefore, you are invited to let me and the other board members know what you want and need from your building, your staff and your community… what you want from us.

You can email me at You will hear back if you contact me, but I cannot promise the response will be immediate. I am a working stiff at Content That Works. You can learn more about what we do here: I travel on business quite a bit and cannot always be online. So please be patient.

As you know, many projects, challenges and opportunities lie ahead in the next 12 months. Your board depends on you for help and guidance. Please volunteer to serve on a committee. Attend the board meetings and contribute your thoughts during the open forum time scheduled at each of these sessions. Get to know your neighbors at the upcoming holiday party on December 13, 2015 and other social events.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you. I will work hard to live up to the faith you have put in me. I look forward to working with all of you to make a better building and to make the 3750 community as hospitable, enjoyable and fun as humanly possible.


Paul Camp

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