lockAs part of the outstanding Life Safety requirements, the Board has retained a contractor, Security Shop in conjunction with Wellington Construction, to remediate the apartment front door locks.

Per the City of Chicago Municipal Code, all doors used in connection with exits must be arranged so they can be readily opened without the use of a key.  Therefore, it is necessary for the front door locks on every apartment to be adjusted so they do not automatically lock.  This is to allow re-entry into the apartment through the front door if there is an emergency and the interior stairwell cannot be used. The doors will operate similar to the back doors in which a key will be required to lock the front door when you leave.

This work will be completed at no additional cost to shareholders.

Adjustments will be completed per the schedule below:

Download: REVISED SCHEDULE-Front door lock remediation

They will start at the top of each tier and work their way down.  They expect to complete approximately eight locks per day.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide the exact day each apartment will be done since it depends how quickly the contractor can complete each door.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact the management office with any questions.

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