news-icon_160150743Let Summer Never End!

It has been a beautiful summer despite the huge rainstorm that flooded the Grace Street lobby and some storage rooms. All’s quiet again at 3750 North Lake Shore, thank goodness. Miro and his staff were on it 24/7 so all is well again, with the beautiful new lobby looking good and dry. Thanks, Miro and the team!

Garden Court Refurbishment

Now that the lobbies are complete, attention has turned to the garden court. As the flooding earlier in the summer demonstrated, we have much work to do. It’s an extremely complicated project that will take time to plan and engineer. The prime goal, of course, is to stop the leaks, but also to make the garden court more attractive, energy-efficient and welcoming for all to use. A task force has been formed and is working with the city to get permitting for the project. Due to the
complexity and permitting issues, the work will take more than a year to complete. We will keep you posted as this project progresses.

Hospitality Room Enhancements

The hospitality room update is almost complete. Carpeting, painting and fixtures are in, including a large screen TV for presentations and social events. We’re waiting for a counter to be installed within the next few weeks. Also, the small service kitchen will have a few updates, budget permitting: fresh paint, new countertop and removal of non-working appliances.

Fire Door Project

Fire door installation and the painting of the new doors is nearly complete in all tiers (there are a couple of exceptions). Installation of some new fire doors in the basement is tentatively scheduled to begin mid- to late September.

Board Openings

A nominating committee has been formed and is working on five slots to fill on the board this fall. There are three regular vacancies and two from shareholders leaving the building: Kelly Briley is moving to Austin, although she will be keeping her apartment here; and Joe Stack will be moving closer to the city.

Parkway Landscaping

As everyone has seen, the Parkway on Grace Street looked like a war zone after the gas company got through with it. The area has been landscaped and is beginning to look beautiful again.

Garden Court Wi-Fi Internet Access

Wireless access to the Internet will be restored in the Garden Court within the next two months pending Board approval and delivery of equipment.

Roof Deck

This project is still on hold while the Board considers alternative plans and associated costs.

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