3750 North Lake Shore Drive: Robert De Golyer’s Light-Filled, Lakefront Classic

By Sally A. Kitt Chappell, PhD. Hailed as the “largest and finest apartment building in Chicago” by the Chicago Tribune in 1926, 3750 North Lake Shore Drive exemplifies the skill of architect Robert Seeley De Golyer. De Golyer was one of the most prolific designers of the 1920s, one of Chicago’s greatest building periods.  He… Read more »

  • Committee Information Session

    COMMITTEE INFORMATION SESSION December 8, 2015 @ 7:30pm, HOSPITALITY ROOM Volunteers Welcome! Come meet the Committee Chairs and find out the various ways you can contribute to the 3750 community.

  • Window washing to begin Nov. 30th

    Please be advised that on Monday, November 30th Shine On will be on site to begin the quarterly exterior window washing. Crews will be on site from 8:00am to 4:00pm throughout the week and possibly into the following week. For your own privacy, please be sure to close your drapes or blinds the evening before…. Read more »

  • Window Survey Schedule for 11/2 through 11/6

    Please be advised of the remaining schedule for the window inspections: Monday, November 2nd: E/F tier floors 13-1 (13F already completed) Wednesday, November 4th: G/H tier-starting from the top floors Thursday afternoon, November 5th: The architect will be outside the building taking pictures of window conditions. For your privacy you may want to close your… Read more »

  • Facade and Window Sealant Schedule 11/2-11/6

    Next week Central will be working on drops E1 and E2.  The final inspection on drop N7 will also be next week.   Once N7 is inspected, the swing stage will be moved to drop S1 to begin inspections on the south side. Drop location map can be downloaded here:  Drop Location Map. As a reminder:… Read more »

  • Communiqué From the Board President

    Dear Neighbor, You should be proud! Earlier this week at our annual meeting nearly 80 percent of shares in 3750 were voted to fill three open board positions. If only we could get such an impressive turnout for local, state and federal elections! Thank you for your active participation in the election and your engagement… Read more »

  • Proposed 2016 – 2020 Capital Plan

    Please Join Your Neighbors October 5, 2015 at 7:30 in the Hospitality Room for a meeting to discuss the Proposed 2016 – 2020 Capital Plan   As you may know, 3750 is coming to the end of the first five years of its two-part, ten-year capital plan. The second phase of the plan identifies and… Read more »