3750 North Lake Shore Drive: Robert De Golyer’s Light-Filled, Lakefront Classic

By Sally A. Kitt Chappell, PhD. Hailed as the “largest and finest apartment building in Chicago” by the Chicago Tribune in 1926, 3750 North Lake Shore Drive exemplifies the skill of architect Robert Seeley De Golyer. De Golyer was one of the most prolific designers of the 1920s, one of Chicago’s greatest building periods.  He… Read more »

  • Cold Weather Reminders

    Low temperatures are upon us again. Here are a few reminders to help keep your apartments and the building safe. Keep all cabinet doors under sink areas open as this allows heat from within the room to help prevent the water lines from freezing. Check all water lines in your apartment that may be running… Read more »

  • Pipes & cold weather

    Another shot of cold air is forecast to hit Chicago this week.  As a precaution, Management recommends leaving faucets drip to avoid frozen pipes.  This is especially important for pipes that run along the exterior walls.  Make sure to remove any stopper you may have in the sink prior to starting the dripping.  Please also… Read more »

  • January 2014 Project Update

    January 2014 Project Update Lobby Refurbishment We’re about 6-8 weeks away from completing the lobbies. Undoubtedly you’ve seen the new molding and arch-ways in the corridors. Something magical is taking place behind the visqueen curtains. Fire Door Project We are in the process of installing 225 fire doors at the rate of about 2 per… Read more »

  • Please be careful out there!

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Due to the snow and extreme cold temperatures, the ramp area, alley behind the building and many nearby sidewalks may be treacherous. Please take extra care.

  • Voice Communications System Testing

    The City of Chicago Fire Department will be on site Friday, January 10th at approximately 10:30am to do the final testing of the Voice Communication System and to verify the operation of the speakers.  What this means is that you will hear short tones and a communication such as “This is a test, this is… Read more »

  • Façade Inspection

    As part of the 2013 Ongoing Inspection and Repair Program that is due to the City, engineers from Wiss, Janney, & Elstner and workers from BAMR will be inspecting several areas of the  from a swing stage. beginning Tuesday, January 7th  .  They will start inspecting on the west façade and work their way around… Read more »